Berserk millennium falcon (SLPM-65688) cheats request
i just found an awesome english patch for this japan only game.
I've also found some cheats codes around but i can't manage to convert them to pnach. It only end up to crash the emulator Smile

Please anyone could be so nice to do cheats for this cool game?
I need in particular unlimited health and if possible unlimited ammo.
My game crc is 9685E636 if you need to know.

Thanks in advance

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Can you post the URL you found the cheats?
and also:
i think is the original jap source. I've also translated the page with google translator
In order to convert non-raw codes to pnach format, read this guide: A simplistic guide to pnach files

Omniconvert settings: (In your case)
Input -> Action Replay -> Version 1
Output -> Unencrypted -> Standard

Also, Master Code(or Enable Code) is no need for emulators.
if i convert them in this way the emulator don't crash anymore also if... i don't see any effect so i wonder if any of them works...
btw... i still need help for god mode because i can still die Smile
Please anyone can try to do that?
can you please upload the emulog and the pnach file?
pointless @willkuer. cause...

(07-04-2014, 11:55 AM)Dracul53 Wrote: btw... i still need help for god mode because i can still die Smile
Please anyone can try to do that?

nope. as far as i've seen that... there's actually no cheat available for that. you gotta find and create that yourself first. but hey you're best equipped. just be better... to not die. Wink
Here, the logs and the pnach
well... i have found some codes... but i think they don't work Smile
It's difficult to do god mode hacking the game?
I'm not good for create new cheats Smile

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using cheat engine it can be quite easy. Just do the small tutorial that comes with cheat engine and for future pc or ps2 games you can create your own cheats.

You have a lot of
(EE pc:80006CB8) TLB Miss, addr=0xcbd6d64 [store]
This is a sign for not properly working pnachs. Either they never worked as dabore is suggesting or they are not converted correctly. Better not to use this pnach.

I am no expert with pnachs but I think they are not converted propery.
Last three lines are not raw, but others are raw.

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