Best Config for me?
Hey guys. First of all, I just want to say that I love this programme. I've just finished downloading, installing and configurating it, and it works great... sorta.

Before I get into what my problem is, I'm deeply sorry if there's another thread out there which I should of looked at. I did search, but unfortunately I was unable to find the answer which I was looking for. By all means though, if there is indeed a thread out there which explains my issue (Which I'm sure there will be), then just link me too it Laugh

Anyways, where was I... Oh yes. So, I just finished downloading the programme, done all the checks and everything is ok. I popped my Final Fantasy-X disk in, and horray, it worked! My computer isn't too bad, and is duo core, so was able to handle the game easily.

My issue is though, when it comes to the good cut scenes in FFX (You know, the ones with AMAZING graphics), it gets VERY laggy, and slow, and only runs at like 20 FPS. I don't know if it's something I'm doing wrong, or if this happens to everybody.

Anyways, all help is appreciated, thanks for your time! Laugh

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make an iso of your game using an imaging soft like imgburn
and run it from pcsx2
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Heya. Thanks for the reply.

If there a guide out there to explain how I could do this please? I have no idea how to :s

Thanks again! Laugh
IMGburn is a pretty straight forward program. You have six options, you want the second one down on the left side. Select a destination and hit the go button! Boom you have an ISO.
Oh sweet, il try it out then! Thanks to both of you, you helped a lot! ^_^

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