Best Configuration für optimized gameplay

pcsx2 works fine with a tested game (metal gear solid 3), but i have some

1. When the intro movie is starting, some moments slow down a little bit
(but just a little bit, like slow motion). I thought it belonged to the game
design. I wanted to know if it is better to config the audio device
from "Catmull-Rom" to f.e. "Hermite" or "Cubic" not to let these movie
slow downs appear again.

2. In some Youtube videos, people put frame skipping in it with up to 4 frames and drawing 30 frames. Then the game runs with 60 fps.
My standard settings cause 50 fps. Is it sensefull to activate frame
skipping (without missing any moment in the game) ?

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Check your framerate when you feel the game is slow. If it is constant 50 FPS, then it is the game, else it is because your PC is not powerful enough. MSG3 intro is known to be very resource hungry. Sound setting won't help speed the game up, although you can use async mode but it make the audio and video be out of sync (not recommended).

Your game running at 50 FPS because the game region is PAL. NTSC games run at 60 FPS. Activating 'frame skipping' helps when your video card is weak, in exchange of motion smoothness.
under Sound/SPUX-2 settings:
set your Interpolation to Linear
also, Disable Effects Processing, you should notice a bit of speedup

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