Best Configuration for Kingdom Hearts 2
Hey thanks for the time for the help! Anyway, I just managed to get pcsx2 0.9.8 and Kingdom Hearts 2 (god bless the creators and square enix lol). So I was wondering what's the best settings / configuration to be able to play Kingdom Hearts 2 at its best on my computer.

Operating Sys. - Windows Vista 32 bit
Proccesor - Pentium® Dual Core CPU E5200 @ 2.50 GHz
Memory - 2.00 GB
Graphics Card - Intel® GMA 3100

Thank you!

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integrated GPU??

not trying to be mean, but you sure gonna having hard times running PCSX2 with it....

you should consider buying a new graphics card, plus enabling speedhacks would help..
Well the CPU is quite slow to handle pcsx2 at fullspeed. Consider Upgrading.

Well, For your time being try them to give a small speedup.
  • Change the Round mode to Nearest and Clamp Mode to None in Both EE and VU's section.
  • Use Speedhacks
  • Use Native Resolution [Reccomended for GPU]
  • Try Allow 8-bit Texture
  • Change Windows Power Plan to High Performance : Important
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