Best Graphical Settings for ICO? Looks a Little Washed Out ...
Just wondering if anyone has any custom settings for ICO. I'm running it in full HD but the image looks a little soft/ washed out ...

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Try playing with the shade booster or FX shader in Config->video-> plugin settings. If you use the shade booster you can increase the saturation and contrast - though as I recall ICO looks washed out on PS2 as well.
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(02-19-2014, 11:36 PM)haints Wrote: Just wondering if anyone has any custom settings for ICO. I'm running it in full HD but the image looks a little soft/ washed out ...

Could you show us a screenshot please?
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Okay, I had a new question ... In anything other than "native" resolution I am getting ghosting/doubling in some scenes ... anyway around this with ICO other than to just run in native res?
tried setting skipdraw hack to 1 ?
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I did try that but unfortunately it made no difference.
You should try the wild arms offset hack and half pixel offset hack in GSdx HW hacks
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I find the best settings are to enable the Wild Arms hack (fixes some lighting problems).


(Wild Arms)

And yes, there are times when there are some lighting problems, and there's nothing you can do except switch to software mode...

First I want to thank you all for trying to help--I really appreciate it.

I've tried the hacks suggested--Wild Arms hack, half pixel offset hack, and skipdraw hack--and unfortunately, none of them fix the ghosting/doubling in certain scenes.

I know the PS3 HD version of this game can indeed run in 1080p, but as far as I can tell, ICO for the PS2 will cause problems in certain scenes at anything other than native resolution. It runs perfectly except for that.

If anyone has managed to play the game in higher than native res without the ghosting/doubling issue in some scenes, please tell us how you did it ...

Devina40 ... from those screenshots, it looks like you are running in 1080p? Do you see the ghosting issue I'm talking about? Where there are two ICOs, one superimposed over the other?

EDIT: I just changed my resolution from custom--1920x1080--to nativex3 and that fixed it! Still some very slight ghosting but almost unnoticeable! I guess it just doesn't like 1080p.
That's why we created scaling, because most games prefer getting multiples of their native resolution instead of some random resolution the user inputs.
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