Best Hardware hack settings for FFXII?
I am wondering what boxes I should check for FFXII for best graphical fidelity?

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I am no sure but have you tried no hacks at all?
Those hacks are made for game that show glitches... to my knowledge in FFXII there are none.

If you are into 'best' graphcis you should probably look into shaders.
what does enable FX shader do?
well, it enables FX Shader... seriously?
Better also to look here: Shaders for GSdx
Alpha Hack on disables the minimap indicators in DX11 but it makes the game run much faster and the missing exit indicators are a minor problem.

The game also looks better and crisper without Agressive CRC enabled.

Skipdraw shoud be 0 in my opinion to skip nothing.

FX shader enables processing of the shader.fx file and its .ini file in the main pcsx2 directory.
isnt there a shadowbug that skipdraw 1 fixes?

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