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Sooo i've been through a bit of an ordeal. 

I got PCSX2 and i have a bunch of ps2 games (on disks) so me wanting to be the virus free law abiding samaritan, decided to try and make iso files out of the disks instead of downloading them from a site. so i did almost no research and found magicISO, installed it and used to make an iso of rayman 3. the game works fine and theres no problems.

Then later last week i read on another forum that it sucks cuz it recreates the files wiping some crucial data. People overwhelmingly suggested IMGburn and others like infrareorder and isoburner. the issue is when scanned with googles malware scanner ( site here) they showed up with viruses and sure enough when i scanned the .exe's they were had multiple trojans, adware and viruses. so i didnt use any of them.

So still looking for a better program, i came across stories about how magiciso wipes certain areas of windows OS if installed on C: drive and many people had PC's that were destroyed because of it. People were posting videos on youtube on how to remove it without destroying your pc and so on. ExclExclExclso i panicked and went to the (x86) folder and found that magicISO wasnt even there. or in the other programs folder. i searched my whole C: drive (which is my only drive) and it was nowhere to be found. i am so confused. i installed it, used it to make an ISO (still have that iso BTW) and now Magiciso is gone. i am confused and have no idea what to do. is it still on my computer just hidden? (and before you comment, yes i have hidden folders showing and file extensions)

Sooo yea, is magic iso still on my PC, and is there a Bit for Bit ISO creator that isnt riddles with viruses and adware? please please please, if you have any info i would be sooo grateful. 

Doing emulators legally and safely is a freaking headache.

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Quote:People overwhelmingly suggested IMGburn
that's what we recommend
Quote:the issue is when scanned with googles malware scanner
yeah, many beginners rely on some random malware scanner instead of trying to figure themselves out.
Imgburn does have an adware when you begin the installation process.
Just uncheck the appropriate checkbox to avoid installing it, like many other trustworthy software.
A few versions ago, pcsx2 would have been reported as malware for you since we included AVG toolbar in the installation package (you were free to accept or refuse its installation). And guess what ? you finally installed it Tongue2
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Yeah, Imgburn is the way to go. Very simple and effective.

For alternative (though its a trial version...) if you are having problems with few odd copy protected/corrupted ISOs, I would suggest a program called CloneCD. Havent detected any malware and it has gotten around some of the more kinky copy protected PS1 games without a single problem (like Spyro 2 and 3). The trial lasts only 30 days sadly and I dont know if its functional afterwards. I made copies of all my PS1 games during that 30 days and havent had a need to open it in a long time.

Dont know how many PS2 games are copy protected though...

Also, can you not remove MagicIso through the basic "uninstall programs" menu from the control panel? Does that not remove it completely? If it hasnt been too long you could probably roll windows back to a previous point to undo the harm.

About the CloneCD, it appears to be functional even after the trial has ended. Ripped a game last night and even though it said the license was no longer valid, I could rip the game. Very easy program, you just select the wanted operation ("create an image from game CD" for example), choose the name and path to the save location and all rest is automated. Its not quite as configurable as Imgburn though. Depending on the copy protection, it may create additional files that are essential to the functionality of the ISO as was the case with Spyro2 for example (main ISO + .Sub file has to be in the same folder).
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