Best ISO program / Corrupted ISO file
Hello. Im sorry if this problem has already been brought up, but i simply cant find it.

My problem is an ISO file that isn't working. Im using Linuz plugin and the official 0.9.6 version of the pcsx2.

I have tried severeal iso programs but every time the file seems to be corrupted. I have DBZ budokai tenkaichi 3 as an iso file and it works great. But the new iso file i want to make of Rachet and Clank 1 isn't working. When i try to run (both the run CD/DVD and the execute) it starts with the bios intro and then says "DVD player is not set up."
Is this a corrupted iso file? or some other problem?
And if its the case what is the best iso program to use?

Note: this is a file created from a lot of .rar files and not from a cd.

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Quote:Note: this is a file created from a lot of .rar files and not from a cd.

Pirated games aren't supported here, we can't help you unless you get an original copy of the game.
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Right, please check our rules specifically #1.

Closed and warned.
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