Best MGS2 Settings for this PC?
I'm sorry if you guys probably get this a lot but I want to know your suggestions for my settings to play Substance

CPU - AMD Phenom II X6 1090T
GPU - AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series
[Image: DEF-Fv1VwAEul05.jpg]

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Unfortunately with that CPU to get full speed the best settings would be to run it on your PS2,since it is not really a very demanding game and slows down on even powerful systems durring certain parts.

Also if you do wish to emulate it you will want to use a PS3/PS4 controller with either scptoolkit (and the lilypad dll) or fireshock (if your using windows 10) since it is a game that more or less requires pressure sensitive buttons and as far as I know these 2 ways are the only way to really do that in PCSX2 (though I could be wrong)

But if you want to test it out then make sure you are using one of the latest git builds (for any speed/compatibility improvements) set it to native and just see where your rig falls.

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