Best PS2 Emulator Plugins?
I'm having trouble finding any source which indicates the best Plugins and Settings for PCSX2, so I thought I'd ask here.

1. What is the best GPU?
2. What is the best SPU2?
3. What are the best Emulation Settings for EE/IOP, VUs, and GS, while ensuring at the same time that it doesn't cause the Game to slow down.
4. Should Speed Hacks be Enabled..?

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everything depends on the game you want to play and on your computer.
there are no "super" settings or plugins... try using the 0.9.7 beta and the last plugins from the forum's download section and if you dont like the results try older versions by yourself.
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There is no best. It's all hardware-based.
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Yes there is a best Tongue2
We recommend GSdx and SPU2-X for the main plugins.
For pads we recommend Lilypad.
The rest doesn't matter much, except you'll need to decide on a CDVD source.
(I have images of my games (made with imgburn) and use the built in iso loader.)

Emulation settings are best left to defaults. Enable the recommended speed hacks
if you need a slight FPS boost.

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