Best Setting fo Final Fantasy X with ZeroGS KOSMO 97.1
Hello guy^^

who is same people that said me a best setting of ZeroGS KOSMOS for run fast and good grapich Final Fantasy X??

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Use the search feature.
There isn't any setting for a plugin to run fast and have good graphic.
If you want your game runs fast, use normal setting and your graphic will be bad.
If you want good graphic, check AA section and you will lose some speed
I know that run fast the game in zeroGSKOSMOS you setting and cheked some option of plugin! Who are it?

P.S:Exscuse me for bad english I'm Italian^^
Just check FFX hack and leave the rest as default option.
is it better to use ZeroGS than GSDX latest ver. to play FFX?
i just don't understand the config of ZeroGS, so i prefer GSDX ^^
GSDX and DirectX10 are working VERY well with FFX. The only Problem are the FMV´s not playing properly (See here), but i hope we can find a fix for it so that FFX runs almost 100% perfectly.

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Gsdx 0.1.7 is the best plugin for FFX.
btw, you should use DirectX 9 or you will see a black line in Yuna's face
hmm, I was getting terrible FPS using Gsdx 1075 and I switched to the old zerogs with the hack enabled. I went from 25-30fps on Gsdx to 60 constant. Only problem is sometimes their 2 of everything in the game, makes it seem like your cross eyed and the back of Tidus's hair is missing. I dunno why.
I agree, use the Zero pluggin with FFX hack enabled, i've noticed most of the time gsdx and zero run the exact same now except when it's super crowded, then at that point i've noticed that zero does a slightly better job. But then again that could just be my system specs. What I would recommend if finding a save spot where it runs it's worse, save the game. Then exit, switch to zero and load the save spot then see if it runs any faster, then switch back to gsdx for a recheck comparison, after that just tweak settings in each switching back and forth as needed until you figure out which plugin will work best with your system. GoodLuck
the back of tidus, wakka, yuna hair is known bug for the emulator itself and not the plugins..
i think the VU0rec option..
turn that off and see ur emu running 5fpsTongue

i never use ZeroGS coz i suffer slow speed..
dunno if its because my spec or not..
but GSdx works fine for FFX..
except for slight bug like FMV everyone keep talking..
i use GSdx and runs fine no bug in the game and also the FMV..
dunno why people keep having problems with the FMV in FFX

all depends on the settingBlink
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