Best Settings for FFXII
This is a 2 part question

First in regards to widescreen, do i really need to use a .pnach file to patch the widescreen since the game native supports widescreen from the in game menu. I have enabled it from there, and also selected the pscx2 option to enable widescreen from the file option.

Then i would like your help determining best setting for my two systems. Desktop is core i7 920 with gtx 480, and laptop is core i7 2760 with GT 555M

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The widescreen patch is a better implementation of Widescreen for this game as the game cuts off the top and bottom when going widescreen so this fixes that and actually justs shows more on the sides and keeps the top and bottom the same.
Ok i'll go for the patch then. So When i use it, do i still need to enable the widescreen to on from inside the menu, or does the patch take care of that on its own

Also whats the use for enable widescreen patch from the file menu. Does this download the file automatically from a server instead of you having to manually get it and place it on the cheats folder?
The widescreen patches come with the Emulator in a file called which is a part of the downloaded file for PCSX2. So no need to snag them from anywhere else. And yeah I normally enable the ingame widescreen and active the menu item at the same time and it works.

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