Best Settings for the Jak and Daxter Series?
Really wanna play these again, but I don't wanna deal with terrible graphics Sad

My PC can run anything you throw at it, it's not FPS that's an issue.

i7 4770k, 3.5GHz
Nvidia GeForce GTX 770

I've tried running Jak 1 and Jak 3, soon to be Jak 2. All of them I can half fix. I haven't tried on Jak 1, but I know on Jak 3 I can fix 1 issue or the other, but not both.

Basically, eyes are bugged, colours (specifically hair) are terrible, and the shadows are bugged. I can go into hardware mode and set speeddraw to 2 to fix the shadows, but the eyes and hair look messed up. I can go to software mode, fix the eyes and the hair, get okay graphics, but then the shadows are terrible.

Also, sometimes the audio gets slowdown, at least when I was testing stuff today. I feel like it wasn't yesterday, so I can probably get my good audio back. If you have any quick tips on that though, feel free to comment.

Using whatever the newest version of PCSX2 is (Downloaded it 2 or 3 days ago), and everything else (plugin settings, etc.) I'm sure you could just tell me, so I won't list my current stuff. It's all the default stuff I'm pretty sure

Thanks! Smile

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Can you check what happens if you use FullBoot instead of FastBoot? (Combined with both modes) This can fix some graphic glitches. I think FullBoot is needed for Jak but I might be wrong.
Fullboot just stops the game from defaulting to Japanese.

It really is one or the other with the Jak games. Jak 2 is tbe worst because Daxter's eye texture can cover the mini map
[Image: gmYzFII.png]
[Image: dvedn3-5.png]
Jak 2 was the one I wanted to play most. Sad
But yeah, fullboot vs fast changes nothing. Hardware D9 or D11 has no shadows, but crap water / hair, Software on either has okay graphics but annoying shadows.

Is it really impossible to fix both with the Jax games? Only 2 real issues (funky colours / shadows), and yet you can't fix both at the same time. Sad
Yeah with Jak3 that's what you get, I completed it and remember a couple of 'fixes':
I seem to recall when booting the sand on the desert was all glitchy; booting on software and then reverting to hardware (hitting F9) fixes it.
They way I played was hardware during gameplay to fix annoying shadows and get upscaling (the messed up hair didn't bother me too much and the eyes you can barely see during gameplay anyways) and then switch with F9 to software mode for cinematics. That made me not laugh hysterically at all the funky eye mess-ups.

That's, for now, the best you can do Smile
I bet the PCSX2 guys are in cahoots with Sony and the Jak games don't work well to make you buy a PS3 and get the new HD remastered Jak games ;D

No but seriously, that makes me sad Sad. I'm not necessarily a graphics or bad type of guy, but like... If the graphics are actually broken, that's different than just being low quality. Idk if I'll be able to play them without getting annoyed Sad.

I heard Kingdom Hearts works amazingly though, maybe I'll go try that...
KH is awesome on pcsx2. I have some gameplay uploading to youtube right now. I just hope the audio sync is good otherwise I have a lot of work to do.

But anyways, Jak has issues with either renderee sadly.I have the first game for my ps3 thankfully
[Image: gmYzFII.png]
[Image: dvedn3-5.png]
I have been using PCSX2 for a while, but I also have just tried out Jak 1 as well.

I have the same issues with the eyes, but the hair appears to be normal. You can fix the eye issues by setting the Video Plugin Settings to Software mode.

I have found that VU Cycle Stealing in Speedhacks really screws up the game, making the camera constantly jitter. Although amping up the EE Cyclerate is a must for some reason.

The greatest game breaking issues I have faced trying to get this game to work is kind of a complicated one. When moving along in the gamespace, it seems like sometimes everything in the foreground disappears or becomes corrupted. Strangely enough, this issue for some reason is dependent on camera positioning. At certain camera angles, assets disappear, sometimes terrain, and almost always the player character.

When this happens, nearly everything around me becomes an inky void, save for some distant land, and the framerate tanks, despite the FPS counter saying it is not.

I have been able to prevent this from happening most times by disabling the EE Timing Hack in the SpeedHacks settings. Still, the glitch has been rearing its ugly head inside the Precursor Temple in the Forbidden Jungle, which I am stuck on for the time being. Its hard to platform when all you see is the skybox and the game slows down to 4-5fps.

This is about as much as I know on how to prevent issues. Hopefully, others might solve my problem with the game as well
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