Best configuration for good quality display.
I am running this config:
  • AMD Phenom 1055T X6 overclocked to 3.3GHz
  • 6GB of DDR3 1066 Ram
  • 2 1.5TB RAID 0 Samsung 7200 RPM drives
  • Overclocked Nvidia GTS 250
I know these threads can get annoying, but I can't seem to find a thread that is not about speed, but quality.

I am mostly playing KH2, Katamari Damacy, FFX, and FFXII. I have no problems running at 100% speed as obvious by my rig.

What is a problem though, the quality looks terrible on my 27" monitor, I don't know what to play with so the only thing I've really changed is the GSdx scaling set at 4x. I have a widescreen monitor as well.

Some of the biggest annoyances are blurry characters in background and a blur around the edges of peoples faces. What are some changes I can do to get the best quality.

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You have 2 options:

1) Internal resolution (or scaling)
2) Anti-Aliasing.

You need to enable hacks in the gsdx.ini. Check the guide for more on that. Smile
thank you hardware anti-aliasing and offset hack were exactly what I was looking for.
Sadly Hardware anti-aliasing causes strange things to happen with shadows though, as beautiful as it makes things.
Are there any other tips?
Nope, not really. Those are what PCSX2 has in the way of enhancing graphics.

There are things that can fix graphic issues. Posting a screen sot of the issue and maybe some PCSX2 settings (i.e. GSdx settings) could help. Smile
Well isn't scaling compared to AA superior by far?

I mean we need AA, because there are annoying edges.
I allmost can't see edges with scale 4x. So where is the need of AA?

IF the industry keeps pumping out better GPU's at a faster peace compared to the resolution monitors/TVs can display, then I believe PC games adopt to this and will have the same functionality. Well, 4x4 AA is almost that. It's just there is no non-SLI system, that can handle it.

Or am I far off?
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Yeah, kind of. It's hard working with some of the older games. Kingdom Hearts 2 is giving me problems in particular in that AA causes graphical glitches on shadows, and edges around faces and backgrounds are really blurry, I'll put up some screenshots later.
I think that's why PCSX2's AA was always label as "experimental". Much like everything else with PCSX2, AA is just not gonna be the same with every game. You'll get farther banging your head against a rock than trying to figure out why. Trust me. Smile

And on the thing about 4x AA, if we're talking PCSX2, then SLI has no place in the conversation.

Scaling and AA are not the same, and technically not comparable (although the end result may seem otherwise). Scaling is resolution, AA effects what's being displayed at the resolution.

But if the question is which is better: Then, yeah, AA is nothing too special when the resolution is low anyway. Better than nothing (i.e. software AA). You'd be better of if you only raised the res, rather than only applying AA.
Rezard: Depends on the type of AA... AA isn't a single technique, it's merely a description of the ends... not the means.

High scaling works because a large image is shrunk to fit a smaller screen. This better blends the objects of the image with the background. This technique is known as FSAA (Full scene anti-aliasing) and was the ONLY way to do AA in the past Wink. Only later were methods like MSAA, Temporal AA, Morphological AA, etc added and now that screen resolutions aren't getting much larger, the big graphic chips makers are once again looking at FSAA since it gives some of the best results.

MSAA doesn't work for PCSX2 the same reason a lot of hardware rendering doesn't work for PCSX2... The way the game is handled is just different from how a PC handles it. While FSAA just renders high and outputs low, MSAA does a lot of analyzing and assumes certain things about the images being rendered that just doesn't always match up.
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Thank you all so much. It sounds like while most games will see a huge improvement in graphics, you won't always get the results you want especially since PS2 emulation in general is pretty "hacky". I've been overall pleased with the results, the games look much nicer than they do at native, but there is always room for improvement Laugh
Maybe, increasing the internal res on GSDX helps. I, personally, am running KH2 with a internal res of 1200x1100 without much performance drop (runs most 60, some parts go 49).
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