Best configuration for nVidia 260 GTX?

I am testing differents configurations of pcsx2 in order to obtain the best performance possible, however it seems that i cant get the 60 fps rate in all points of the game...

I am currently using the following configuration

-PCSX2 r1888 with latest plugins
-GSDx 800x600 Direct3d10 allowing 8-bit texture
-All EErec, VUrec and microVU options enabled, and fps limited to 60, and also the MTGS option activated
-2x Cycle rate speedhack, Status Flag Hack for microVU and Moderate Vu Cycle (iam currently not using any EE misc hacks cuz i didnt notice better performance)

My system:
-Windows 7 Ultimate
-AMD Athlon X2 (dual core) 2515MHZ
-nVidia Geforce GTX 260
-2GB Ram

The game (i am currently testing Way of the Samurai 2) is mostly playable, getting 60 fps in points where no high 3D processing are needed, however in others points of the game (where more processing are needed) the fps drops to 70% more or less... and besides, the speedhacks cause skippy images and other minor graphics problems...

If someone can advice me wich configuration works better with my system i will be very thankfully

Regards and thanks for your support.

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Show us your pcsx2 and plugin settings so we can help you better. Athlon X2 2.5GHz is not exactly great and it's probably the cause of your slowdowns tweaking the settings will help just so much tho.
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Here are my settings:

Plugins Setting:
[Image: scaled.php?server=199&filename=config1p.png&res=gal]

GSDx Settings:
[Image: scaled.php?server=440&filename=config2.png&res=gal]

CPU Settings:
[Image: scaled.php?server=134&filename=config3.png&res=gal]

Speed Hacks Settings:
[Image: scaled.php?server=40&filename=config4a.png&res=gal]

Advanced Settings

Thanks for your time.

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Those are custom titles (like mine) anyone of any amount of posts can change their title in the control panel ^_^

That said, unfortunately your PC is slow because of your processor. An X2 at 2.5ghz is pretty slow for the emulator... it has nothing to do with your graphics card. You can get some extra speed by turning off microVU in CPU options, and setting clamp mode to "none" for both options in the advanced settings. This may cause some games to break or cause weird effects in your game... you may just have to try messing with them till you find some settings that best suit your situation.

Also in speed hacks, turn on INTC sync hack as well as Idle Loop Fast Forward. Both of those hacks have very high compatibility, and both can have a decent speed up effect.

That said, even with all of these options (assuming none of them break the game) you shouldn't expect more than a 10-15% speed increase, so it'll likely still be somewhat slow on your PC.
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Besides of what Koji said you can try checking the "disable effects processing" option in SPU2-X and also try checking/unchecking the "alow 8-bit textures" option in GSdx, but as explained before your CPU is slow and it can be helped just so much.
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K i will try that... and also assault a liquor store so i can get money for a quad core Laugh

Thanks for your help!

A quad core won't really help much. It's just that the CPU is rather slow. 2.5GHZ is not that fast when running PCSX2. It's fine for normal PC gaming though.
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As Dr_Thrax explained, a quad core won't matter at all... This is because PCSX2 can only make use of, at most currently, 2 cores. What matters more is architecture and raw speed.

The X2 line, being AMD's first foray into dual cores, was very unoptimized and more or less required additional software from AMD (program was called Dual Core Optimizer) to get fairly decent results from them. On top of that, most PS2 games require at least a 3ghz+ dual core to run full speed with some needing in excess of 4ghz.

That said, I recently spent just about $130USD to get a new motherboard and my phenom X3 black edition which I've overclocked to 3.7ghz which runs almost all games perfectly without speed hacks, and most of the remaining fine with some speed hacks. That's less than the price of the 260GTX, and christmas is coming up maybe you can prod a relation into getting you said upgrade.
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For the record.. it was a joke (kinda) the idea of getting illegal money for a quad core.

Anyway, i am not planning to upgrade my cpu anytime soon, i am not dying (yet) for playing PS2 games perfectly on my computer, cuz i just get the graphic card a while ago and there are a lot of others pc games that i want to try (like crysis). I just wanted to play Way of the Samurai series cuz i luv those games (i am a katana freak... and need help T_T). Besides, for the money of that cpu, i can buy a good PS2 (not interested either)

Well thank you all for your tips Smile, someday i will have a good computer powerfull enough for all the PS2 games

Sigh, you're supposed to own a PS2 already to use PCSX2 legally anyway.
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