Best configurations for MGS3 S and Final Fantasy X (Quality / Speed)
Hello all I am using the PCSX2 Beta 1474 and PCSX2 0.96

I am trying to play Metal Gear Solid 3 : Subsistance and Final Fantasy X (both PAL) and am looking for some good configurations for both speed and quality. What plugins to use,their settings etc. I am also using an X360 controller (mentioning it in case I need a different controller plugin).

i.e. One configuration would run MGS3 at the fastest possible settings,while the other would focus on running it as close to the PS2 as possible (i.e. no missing textures etc.). Could someone help me with this ?

Also,I am a new user in the PS2 emulator scene. This is my rig. Is it adequate to run most games (especially these 2 in particular),or should I upgrade ?

Athlon X2 5200+ 2,8GHz
RAM 4GB 800Mhz
nVidia 9800GT
I am running both Windows XP and 7. Which is better ? I have read that in 7 with DX10 there is a performance boost.

Thank you for your time,sorry if this has been covered before but I could not find any answers in the other topics.

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on 7 I'm running mgs3 with EE 1.5 and IOP x2 getting about 35 fps in most locations. you should be fine, but you can enable these and make sure
MGS3 plays really well with VU cycle steal turned on even on the highest settings. Your system will still get some pretty nice slowdowns in a few places, but it should be playable if you can handle those slow spots.

Windows 7 or windows Vista will both give you a decent boost with DX10. Something akin to 10-15% and with fewer graphic glitches.

FFX should be running full speed on your system with minimal speed hacks. I have the game running full speed with a similar system (check my sig)
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I just tried MGS3 with latest public beta, and the speedup is noticeable. Laugh Totaly playable [at least in first zone].

phenom II x2 550
ati 4670
(09-08-2009, 11:39 AM)DieH@rd Wrote: I just tried MGS3 with latest public beta, and the speedup is noticeable. Laugh Totaly playable [at least in first zone].

phenom II x2 550
ati 4670

realy? then thats another game i need to add to my gigantic "what i will play on PCSX2 list". We have same processors so i should be fine too.
Check my profile for hardware/software and games i played on PCSX2.
I noticed that also even though my hardware is still not 100% up to the task it is something really great to have.
im trying to get back into this game, the black screen at the beginning runs fine "where he explains how the cold war starts" but after that i get kind of a stutter in the frames and the sound is kind of like an echo through a window slows down to around 2-3 fps for the cut-scenes and i cant just skip to the game...the sounds are really annoying...and i did try the suggestions above

what is the best setting for XP on a dual core (2.8 each) with 2GB ram and a kind of dated video card? (ATI radeon xtacy 9550)

would be nice if there was a more concrete tutorial on how to set things up to run most games without all the trial and error...
The thing is there is no configuration that works for most games, and for that matter, most people's computers. How are you supposed to cater to everyone's needs, when you have people ranging from PCs that are a few years old to people with current mid-ranged specifications to people with the latest parts, or even people with laptops? You would need to have a different configuration for each different part; for example, since older CPUs won't support the newer instruction sets or older graphics cards and those on XP won't support DX10 etc.

Some speedhacks will help significantly in some games, while they may break others. This is on a per-game basis, not on a per-several game basis. You'd need a database including a set of settings for each individual game as well as hardware configuration.

There's so many options, tweaks and settings available for a reason. Otherwise, if one configuration brings the best performance for all cases, what's the point of including any other options at all?
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