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I need to buy a new controller for to use with PCSX2, but I had some questions and need some recommendations.  The last controller I had got the buttons get stuck from button mashing so I need a controller that can withstand the occasional button mashing.  I also am considering buying a wireless controller to use, but last time I bought one and tried to connect it to my PC, it didn't work.  How would I connect a wireless controller to my PC?

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(07-26-2018, 09:26 AM)Robkn79 Wrote: How would I connect a wireless controller to my PC?
1 - connect your receiver
2 - install drivers
3 - power up your controller
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if you are going for logitech just plug it and map the keys
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The most widely supported controllers are the DS4 and Xbox Controllers (Xbox 360 or Xbox One S), and all of them are nice and all round solid controllers, each with its strength and weaknesses, so i suggest testing and going with whichever of them feels more comfortable, (myself i prefer using both the DS4 in d input + the Xbox 360 Controller, both in wireless for the DS4 using a Bluetooth Dongle and for the 360 one its official receiver)

PS: thanks to the latest steam update and PS Now, the DS3 is also starting to get better support.

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