Best gamepad for PCSX2?
Just wondered what people’s opinions were on the best / most straightforward gamepad to get working with PCSX2?

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I'm using the Xbox 360 Gamepad you can get for the PC. It's working great, I can't complain.
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I have a simple cheap USB adapter of ebay + ps2 dualshock. Obviously the shock does not work, but apart from that everything is fine. Even works on W7 64b. This was a major scare, but turned out that all is ok Smile (using the default microsoft driver).
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I use a Logitech Rumblepad2, works pretty good.
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(03-30-2010, 10:49 PM)Bright-Warrior Wrote: I'm using the Xbox 360 Gamepad you can get for the PC. It's working great, I can't complain.

Same here.
Rumble is supported with XInput on Lilypad, but still a bit flaky and I'm just too lazy to fiddle with Lilypad's default settings. =b
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Send me an XBox 360 controller, and I'll look into it. Not paying MS for the privilege of supporting their under-documented proprietary API.

Anyways, if you don't play older games, XBox 360 controller is a reasonable choice, though I'd still recommend a standard DirectInput controller (Like the Dualshock 2), as the XBox 360 controllers don't have full DirectInput force feedback support. Also, XInput is evil.

Hasn't been mentioned here, but I'd recommend against an adapter for your PS2 controller or a PS3 controller (No adapter needed for the PS3 controller). PS2 controller adapters/drivers tend to not handle force feedback correctly, and PS3 controllers require hackish 3rd party drivers and not sure you'll be able to get force feedback working with them at all (Unless you use LilyPad + libusb). However, if you *do* use LilyPad + libusb, you'll get full analog support for all 5 games that actually use/need it.
I have used both the ps3 controller (sixaxis, not dualshock 3) and the logitech chill stream. I love my chillstream, but I think its not made anymore and it's essentially a 360 controller that you can't use on a 360. And the ps3 controller requires hacked drivers as was mentioned, which can make it a little annoying to run. So overall I just use my put my vote in with the 360 controllers I guess.
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I Got a Logitech Dual Action... pretty much the Logitech Rumble without the force feedback thingy.
The way I see it; if you get a random controller that kinda looks like a playstation pad, you`re pretty much there.

Can`t really complain about it, it works fine. And it`s not all that expensive.
I recommend what I am using.
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If you are familiar with Dual-Shocks then get it. it's the perfect rendition of actual ps2 controllers with vibration!! it cost me mere $2!!
but on this site its a bit pricey...
here's the link
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I know this thread is old but in case someone is googling this and the thread comes up like it did in my browser, i got the snakebyte controller. It's dirt cheap and works well with the emulator. No complaints.

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