Best looking shader for PCSX2?
Title says it all.

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what shader? this' not a special effects awards. this emulating the console. *headscrews*

response says it all. Tongue
That's the most subjective thing ever also depends on a game and the effect we wish to archive;]. I just use my colored FXAA most of the time, sometimes with it's hidden sharpen feature like in the screenshot below.

Colored FXAA:

And to compare no shader:
god that looks awful. @miseru. the color filter is good but the sharpen look is so butt ugly. X|
I agree. That shader is my favorite as well, but with no sharpening. That particular bit does it injustice in this screenshot Wink
And there it goes - subjectivity Wink, I like it in FFXII ~ gives my eyes some rest as well.
I've been using Colored FXAA as well for about 6 months. In most games the shader doesn't look as bad as that FFXII image.

I was just wondering if there was anything that matched colored fxaa at this point in time.
All I use is FXAA + Overlay_Bloom (custom multipass GSdx). It's just a minor color adjustment.

Shader OFF | Shader ON
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
LOL;p I used very high sharpen value(around 15.0, which is way too much normally) in FFXII couse I like it, you can all gang up saying it's terrible ~ I stay with my personal prefferences and no, this is not a troll;o.
About shaders I would rather like to see some more love for 2D games;p. Those xBR and HQ we have doesn't even seem close to going xbr/hq algorithms over screenshots(or at least it was awfull last time I checked;p).
The only other I use aside of different settings of Colored FXAA is that cel shading shader called mmjcellshader, looks very nice in some games, but I guess I just like to see things differently whenever I'm getting bored with game.
I respect your opinion miseru99.

KrossX, could you link that shader you use?

BTW... cell shading in Suikoden IV looks fantastic..almost PS3-like.

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