Best performing WWE game?
Hi all,

I am a huge WWE fan, and I miss my PS2 as its at my home. So I want to enjoy playing WWE games on my laptop. I tried playing WWE SVR 2010 and WWE HCTP on my laptop. The 2010 ran at 25 fps and HCTP at a solid 50-60 fps. Now I don't quite like the graphics of HCTP and I have already played it to death on my PS2. Also I am more used to controls of WWE SVR series. So is there any other game that works better that 2010 on PCSX2 0.9.7?
I have also played SVR 2007 completely, so I can ignore that.
Basically I want to know how is the performance of the following games:

WWE SVR 2006
WWE SVR 2008
WWE SVR 2009

I willing to purchase any of the above if they perform better than 2010. So anyone who has tried them all please let me their performance.
My laptop specs are AMD Turion X2 Dual core 2.2 Ghz, ATI M 4650 1 GB GDDR3, 4 GB DDR2 RAM and Vista 32 bit.
HCTP runs at 50-60 fps and 2010 runs at 25-28 fps. So if any of the above game runs at 40-50 fps, I will be happy to buy that game.

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umm, just for you to know, the SVR series uses a lot of resources from pcsx2, and also you dont even have the recommended specs for pcsx2,so just making a wild guess i think you wont be able to play any of the svr series full speed,maybe the first one only and with some speedhacks.
Mainly beacuse of your specs and you own an amd and its slower clock for clock against intel and this without taking into account that its a laptop too,so your gfx is not very good either.

so as a kind of sum up,probably you can play the first one at full speed
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^Hmmm okay, I will get the first one. Thanks.
So I tried WWE SVR 2006, it ran better than 2010, but still didn't cross 35 fps mark.
But I got WWE Shut Your Mouth as well, it works at about 30 fps, but the sound and gameplay is much smoother than 2010/2006. I wonder why? But who cares, I have two WWE games which work nicely now with PCSX2.
you just have to try with different versions of pcsx2,plugins and settings as well, you know that is part of the "emulation" fun,try with different settings and see wichever gives you more fps
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Ok, but I am right now occupied with SYM and HCTP. I may even pick SVR first version after I complete SYM and HCTP.
Ok guys, I went crazy and picked up all SVR versions that I can get my hands on (cost me a fortune and lot of pain T_T)
Here is how they perform:
1. WWE Smackdown Shut Your Mouth (everything is perfect, sfx, entrances, commentry, very very minor stutters, fps 30-35, very playable and smooth)
2. WWE Smackdown HCTP (Entrances stutter a lot, but gameplay is solid 35-40 fps, very much playable)
3. WWE SVR (Didn't get)
4. WWE SVR 2006 (Stutters, have to put commentary off, not that playable)
5. WWE SVR 2007 The DVD is at my home, so didn't buy and try.
6. WWE SVR 2008 (Works great, some stutters during entrances, gameplay is pretty fluid, 30-35 fps)
7. WWE SVR 2009 (Works fantastic, everything is smooth, 30-35 fps)
8. WWE SVR 2010 (Slowest of them all, fps is same as 2006/08/09, but runs very slow)

Now either the graphics of SVR 2010/2006 are way demanding than 2009 or the audio is not properly emulated, otherwise I see no reason why 2010/2006 perform bad as compared to 2009.
One more thing I doubt is that 2010/2006 are both NTSCs and rest all are PAL. (had to rent them, we usually get PAL versions here, and both of their PAL versions weren't available, so rented them for PC as my PS2 is PAL). So maybe the PAL games are running faster than NTSC games?
PAL games are always easier to emulate, cause for pal fullspeed you need 50fps, for ntsc you need 60.

so if you get about 30fps in a ntsc game, it runs only at 50% speed. if you get 30fps in a pal game... you know what im trying to say.
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(09-06-2010, 06:22 PM)Cyphox Wrote: PAL games are always easier to emulate, cause for pal fullspeed you need 50fps, for ntsc you need 60.

Not true... or well depends on the game and how it's different from the NTSC version. You can sometimes find PAL games that are just a bad conversion from NTSC and even tho it's full speed is 50fps, the "movement" on the game at full speed is slower than the NTSC one anyway.
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^But in my case all the PAL games are running much better than NTSC ones. Laugh
thats beacuse all wwe games have a somewhat slow gameplay,so you dont need full fps in order to play it decently
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