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Best performing WWE game?
^Yup, they are way too fast. Now at 30 FPS they seem normal speed, like that is actually happening on TV.

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@ ambar_hitman

check your pm
thank you good
Ok, here is an update, I got the SVR 2010 PAL version, and its working much better than NTSC version at same fps. I am enjoying it now. Though still 2009 works better, 2010 has some sound problems during commentary, same as 2008.
Glad you got it working. Smile

PAL > NTSC when it comes to PCSX2 WWE game emulation. Noticed that myself aswell, but it makes sense as been described above.

And also, all the WWE games are a bit arcadey (is that a word?) so I always put down the fps to about 40-45 giving the game a more realistic feel (isn't emulation just great, this isn't possible on a "real" console). This is actually one of the key points (along with being able to boost the graphics) that makes me prefer the game way better on PCSX2 than on the actual PS2.

Finally it is much easier playing the game edited by The SVR2010 Roster Editor on PCSX2 than on the PS2.

So for WWE gaming PCSX2 > PS2 (& PS3) for me. Laugh
Ok, but can u give us ur settings also how do u know if its pal or ntps
- n64pro
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