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I have 0.9.7 and im having graphical errors with every game. either the screen leaves ghost marks, it is super pixlated, shaking and other things that are just dreadful. which gpu plugin do you guys use and what settings. thanks.

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Ghost marks depend on the game as possibly its workarounds... being pixelated, it seems you are using the native resolution (yes, PS2 is more pixelated than the emulator).. for the shaking try one the "Interlacing" options, you can toggle them on game pressing F5 too.

Almost everyone using Windows uses GSDX for video plugin; Lilypad for controller and SPU2-X for sound.

All the others I use "null" including the CDVD one.

Anyway, you are the one that should begin stating what is your system to give us an idea of what it can do and what it will struggle with...
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I play games on dolphin fullspeed, pcsx2 is just giving me trouble.
PC specs? PCSX2 settings? Plugin settings? Games tried? screenshots of your problems?
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i tried onimusha 2 first. horrible sound glitches, my character overlaps 2d background and frequent lag spikes. now im trying arc the lad twilight, had to press f9 because the screen would blur and shake so badly when i pressed a key. the game has geometry stretching, audio glitches and doesnt run very well.
Onimusha's "character overlaps" are fixed by using a (Software) renderer (f9 while playing).
Arc the lad is most compatible with software renderer (f9 as you pressed) you are correct.

I don't remember any audio glitches in either game and Onimusha 1/2 are very fast so it's probably you running it from the original disc or using wrong settings that's the problem but we can't be certain since you haven't posted any settings so please post screenshots of your settings so we can help better.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
can some tell me waht the best plugins for my laptop
windows 8.1
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