Best plugins to use with FFX?
Hello! I would like to know which plugins work best with FFX. I have the specs to max this out so that shouldn't be a problem. I would like to run this game smoothly as possible.

E5200 @ 3.65
4 GB DDR2-800 @ 900
8800 GTS 512 800/2000/1000

Please and thank you!

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It's been stated a lot, but well.

You should be able to run it without much trouble, or none at all...

First than nothing, this game has problems with 0.9.4, so I would recommend either to use 0.9.5 or lastest PP revision.

GSDX or ZeroGS for graphics (ZeroGS if you don't want glitches on the faces), both using the game's respective hack/fix.
ZeroSPU with TimeScaling enabled, and as you're using the official 0.9.4 version, I can't tell you to use SPU2ghz.
Linuzapps to load the ISO, create the ISO with DVD Decrypter.
Any pad plugin should be ok, I always use LilyPad.

That's it I think.

Have fun.
I am using PCSX2 0.95 SVN 377, when I use ZeroGS the cut scenes don't work. I have tried using GsDX.The cut scenes work but the graphics looks horrible! What should I do?
You may be using native resolution. Uncheck the Native Res box and use an internal resolution of 1024x1024 or higher. Remember to check Nloop hack.
You'll get better sound with peops for ffx in particular.
To avoid glitches on faces, just use directx 9 with Gsdx.

(01-10-2009, 06:56 AM)iHentai Wrote: The cut scenes work but the graphics looks horrible! What should I do?
If you mean the horizontal lines, then the only solution to get rid of them,
is to use native resolution AND enable desinterlacing (blend bff).
If you are encountering stuttering in the sound, avoid the sync hack x3 in particular.

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