Best recommended setting for FF 10
hey there, im kinda new to PS2 emulation and i wanted to ask what the best configuration is for FF 10 with the latest version (0.9.6?)

I have Windows vista ultimate 64 bit,
Geforece GTX 260 graphics card
AMD athlon 7750 dual-core processor
4 gigs of ram

Currently im experiencing lags in some certain areas and the textures on NPCs are flawed. theyre like....over-lapping or something

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download the latest beta of pcsx2 and gsdx. Smile
Athlon X2 5400+ ~ 2.8GHz / 2.5GB DDR2 667 / 9500GT 512MB / Windows 7
i downloaded the plugins and recommended but the gsdx plugin simply wont load, i get some sysliberror Message <NULL>
I think I got that problem because of forgetting to download the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) mentioned in the GSdx thread. Also may be worth checking to make sure you have the latest updates for directx.
well i have installed that Visual C++ pachage now and i have the latest directX but it still doesnt work
Can you post your screenshot of the error ? .. this will make more easier to us helping you ...

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