Best resolution to get rid o jaggies on 480p tv?
Running it through component on a 480p sd crt, native has a lot of jaggies, 2x native seems good, 3x looks a tiny bit better than 2x but not noticable unless you look hard(more the colours look sharper than getting rid of jaggies)

Also when I say jaggies I mean on 3d, I do not mind about 2d jaggies just want smooth looking characters.

Trying to find a good resolution to put least strain on my 280 gtx as it is a card that runs hot in use and dont want to put any more strain than necessary to also get best framerates.

Running alongside a 2700k at stock speeds with 4 gig ddr3

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Are you looking for a nostalgic experience?

If so.. is your screen really 480p and not 480i? Then this could be the problem... ps2 is designed for interlaced video output since old crt machines only support interlaced video... pcsx2 deinterlaces the video output to get a better view on p-systems.

You can use shaders to regain a bit of the old-fashioned view.
It's a 576p tv that also works at 480p, Its less I want the nostalic experience and more I just want smooth shapes, i.e I do not mind blocky like in Tekken, same can be said on a hdtv really, I find increasing internal resolution in a game looks better to me than native plus a filter, even on Mega Drive emulator I use scale 3x resolution over HQ4x though for 2D its not as noticable.

Imagine a character model looks like lego or FF7 characters, what I want is to see the face clearly and not pixellated so they just look like lego and not squares with loads of jaggies. similar but not the same to aliasing(or is it anti I get the 2 mixed up)

Generally I find things like Gamecube games tolerable be it on original hardware or emulated since they dont look jaggy but ps1 and ps2 games look bad for that unless you increase internal resolution, I do not really want a shader or filter I just want no jaggies.

Sorry in case that didnt make sense.
Have you tried FXAA?

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