Best settiings for my computer? :)
Hello Guys. My old PS2 got broken time ago, KH 1.5 Remix is only released in PS3. I
will take this chance to replay all the KH saga, including games that I Was not able to play
because I had not the enough english knowledge. The list below include few games that I want to play quite soon on PCSX2:

Kindgom Hearts 1 / RE:Chain of Mem / KH FMII
Tales of the Abyss

I would want to play them in the best settings that I could use.
Here're my settings. Intel Core i5 750 4GB DDR3 / AMD Radeon HD5770

What settings u would recommend me to tweak in my PCSX2? Thanks in advance gents

PS: I was thinking about getting a new 4GB RAM to get 8GB, you think could improve my
performance in-game?

PSS: And the last question, what's better to tweak, AntiAliasing, or Antisitropic.

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- Follow the official guide

- Set the resolution to 3 X Native
for example: 640x480 Native 3x = 1920x1440

- Its better to have a custom resolution than to scale the graphics...some games have problems when the graphics scaling system is use.
For the KH series, you don't need to tweak anything. They all run great on the latest builds.

We also have widescreen patches for all 3 games, and they look great. Link in sig.
You may want to try the several post processing features in the GS plugin but be aware those should be the first to be set off if experimenting any glitch and graphics issues in general.

About upscale, you should not go beyond 3x with that card (and this will be good enough).

On the CPU side you should not need speedhacks for most games, anyway don't be afraid to give a little of EE cycle rate and/or VU cycle stealing if a specific game run slower than should. The same applies to MTVU. As general rule don't use any unneeded speedhack.

Edit: the above recommendations serve as general rule to everybody, just than slower machines almost always will need some minimal level of speedhacks and weaker video cards should not be abused by any post processing beyond the upscale that does not decrease the performance (many will have to run at native resolution at all).

Finally, there is no real better settings for PCSX2, does not matter the machine it depends on the game itself and not the emulator. The actually existent presets are starting points to those not willing to fine tune the performance (what is a must on slower machines).
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Thanks for the help guys. Well, I configured all, but when I started the game, the opening was weird. Maybe I did something wrong putting Widescreen hack, any idea?

[Image: Screenshot-05_03_201323_16_33.jpg]

The menu looks fine, but...I didn't want to see any further >w<

Thanks in advance gents <3

PS: Looks ***** amazing <3333 Last time I played it I was playing it in 4:3 . Dammnnnn <3
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Hi mates, I already fixed it And looks damn gorgeous, I'm not selfish of 1,5 HD anymore aha.

I'm playing it with 4x native + 2x antialiasing, but sometimes I get slowdowns, so I turned to 3x native.

I was thinking of upgrading my RAM which would be the improvement in performance in-game? At moment I have 4GB , u think would be good idea to buy 4 GB more ? Thanks in advance gents :3

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