Best settings for Final Fantasy 12
I was wondering what is the best configuration settings to get Final Fantasy XII to run fast?

I'm getting about 40 fps in game with GSDX SSSE3 1.12. Is there any way to get it to run 60 fps?

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Try with the playground version and turn on speedhacks. Also you can try to check the native check box in gsdx settings.
I tried the playground version and I turned on the fastest setting for the speed hacks. But it seemed slower at around 35 fps instead.

But I'll try the native check box in gsdx to see if it is faster.
use this very version PCSX2 0.9.5 rev 396 X3.rar , it will definitely give you 5 to 15 fps more than most of the other play ground versions .trust me!
Sorry,but we won't allow any unofficial build distribution here.For all we know that archive could be infected with viruses.
The build you linked to is simply SVN 396 with the IOP/EE Sync hack X3 enabled.So no it is not faster than most playground versions,it just has that hack enabled (and you can't disable it like you can in the playground versions either)
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