Best settings for SoulCalibur 3?
So I've been playing with settings most of today hoping to get SC3 to a reasonable level of playable. As it stands right now, it runs, is playable, graphics are fine, however models seem to lag when loading and entering combat it feels really slow (The meter at the top says 30fps-ish, however in the timespan it would take to make 3-4 attacks I can only make one. Grab moves or animation set moves take huge amounts of time).

I've dug around google hunting down configs, so far I've tried each of the graphics plugins and each of the main renderers, I noted in the main config guide it suggests to use DX11 if possible, which I can however I see no gain over DX9.

I'm running an i7 @ 1.73GHz, 8GB DDR3 RAM and a 4GB GTX 460m on Windows 7.

I really hope there's some config to make this run smoother! Any help appreciated!

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sC3 can be really demanding, and that CPU isn't going to cut cut it.
You'll have to try different speedhacks configs to maybe getting better results, but don't expect miracles...
Your ps2 is probably your best bet for now
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