Best settings for kingdom of hearts on my computer :)
Hello, ive recently finished playing ffx on my computer and my friends have convinced me to play kingdom of hearts. not too long ago i asked the forum best specs to play ffx on my computer and the help was awsome the game ran smoothly and lowest my fps went to was around 45 on a few of the cinamatics. ive tried playing kingdom of hearts and fps drops consistantly when thigs are happening one of the cinmatics droped to around 16 fps any help well be greatly appreciated Smile. im using pcsx2 version 1.0 and use an xbox 360 controller.

My computer specs are:
Cpu: 2.50 gigahertz intel duel core
MoBo: Foxconn G41MXE - K V1.0
OS: Win 7 ultimate x64
GFX: ATI 5450 1gb

again thank you for any help you can give me Smile

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If that's the case. I would try and play it all on native res with no AA on. If its still slow you can try enabling all the recommended speed hacks to help increase the speed.
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