Best settings for my computer?
I've been trying to play Kingdom Hearts, and after that I'll be playing KH2FM+. It doesn't play too bad, but some of the cutscenes get REALLY laggy depending on the camera angle, and theres some odd points where it just drops to 2fps for a couple seconds. The main problem is the cutscenes, as you can't skip a lot of them (in fact I don't know if you can skip them period) and they're literally slowed down to like 4fps. Anyways, I'll put my specs, thanks a lot of anyone can help me! Oh, and also, I'd like to run the game in the best quality I can, maybe widescreen w/ aliasing, or something?

Intel Core i5-2500K @ 4.5GHz
Radeon HD 6970
12GB RAM 1600MHz
2TB 7200 RPM Caviar Black + 1TB 7200RPM Caviar Black. (Not sure if you guys needed this, but it seemed better than just having three things)

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show us your GSdx config,Plug-ins/Bios category settings and Emulation settings category.
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check that 2TB drive with wdidle3 to see if it has an idle3 timer
Wasn't sure what you guys wanted to take me a screenshot of and what not to, so I took just about everything.

Also, the wdidle3 seems pretty complicated, but if nothing else is a problem then I can do that.
if its the WD2001FASS, it likely has a 12 second timer

adjusting it to 5min is the best idea if it is that drive, since disabling can cause odd performance issues.

PS. make sure you disconnect the sata plug on the 1TB drive first or the wdidle3 timer will be adjusted on both

6x scale may be a little too much for the radeons memory bandwidth and the wait for vsync is a known cause of performance issues when it isn't needed (which is the case if using windows vista/7 and DWM are enabled)

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