Best settings for pcsx2 to run...
I've been looking about on what the best settings for graphics and cpu performance on this emulator...

Does anyone know the best settings?

BTW, my cpu is quad @ 3.3ghz, graphics 4850 (700/1100) [Which way more then enough for a ps2 emulator)

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Well.. Have MTGS enabled. Try the official playground version as it fixes some things.
Use the latest GSDX. If you don't have DX10, tinker with the Log. Z option.
On the playground version, the checkboxes (DAZ & FTZ) in the advanced menu improve speed in some games (but break some other games). X2 speedhack helps some games' speed as well (but break other things).
Everything else is pretty much game-specific tinkering.

And that cpu isn't 'more than enough for ps2'. It's adequate for most things.

As an aside, I was about to reference the official guide but I noticed it's quite outdated and lacks unobvious information (logarithmic Z option in GSDX, for example).
Well my current settings even plays FFX and FFX-2 movies really smooth, it doesn't chop or lag, i compared it with my ps2 right next to each other. Everything runs 100/100. but i was just wondering if there was a way optimize my settings.
If everything runs 100/100, what are you trying to optimize?
most settings help some games and worsen others, so unless you have a problem you want solved, there's nothing to optimize.
thats the thing, i haven't tried all my ps2 games, so i thought there were specific settings that can optimize it for everything.
theres never a complete group of settings that will just work for everything, if FFX works most other games should run just as well.
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