Best settings for windows 8?
Hello , i'm trying to play several game, I have Rouge Galaxy,Sonic Riders,Dance dance revolution 2,Valkyrie profile 2,Smackdown Vs Rav 2k11,Final fantasy x-2,Xensosaga II (Idk if i am spelling that correctly..)and a mario game that was given to me like a year ago.All of these games run horrifically on my PCSX2. I have windows 8.1,Infact , my specs

OS:Windows 8.1(Recently updated and it sucks..)
Graphics:Intel i5 and Nvidia (I plan to make a Graphic change soon so i am preparing files)
Type:A Laptop.

When i boot the emulator,the lag is unreal,the sound is distorted and
everything is literally in slow motion it seems like. How do i fix this?

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please post your emulog and screenshot of all of your pcsx2 settings.
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