Best solution for slow fps
Well i just figured out the best solution how to fix low fps at pcsx2 0.9.8
You can get more fps with turning off the sound in your plugin setting.Disable evrything and game will rise its fps for 20-30 fps.I hope this is helpful.

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Lower the graphical settings, especially if your GPU is questionable or weak.

Apply Speedhacks gradually, and check gameplay every step of the way. This can be very helpful to slower processors.

Increased performance from your hardware (CPU and GPU) is basically your other alternative. If you can't do that yourself, you'll likely need to buy better.
lower graphical settings? wut you mean? resolution?
Yes. The internal resolution is a large factor.

Try setting it to Native PS2 res. If that shows an increase in FPS, then your GPU is on the weak side for the given game/scene.

You can also try enabling Allow 8-bit textures, which may improve performance in some cases. Can help reduce V-RAM usage.

If all else fails, you could give the hidden Skipdraw hack a shot. It may not be perfered, but can do the trick. (Enable the hidden hacks by adding allowHack=1 to the bottom of your GSdx.ini file.)
i allowed skipdraw but in GDSX menĂ¹ there arent plugin for skipdraw... what i do wrong?

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