Best way to update AND myMC related question
I want to update to the latest dev version of pcsx2. I suppose I just need to download the protable version and slap it in a different folder, but how do I move over all my configurations? I'm not using savestates so saves should be as easy as moving the memcard files, but what about my plugins and everything? I'm afraid I might do something wrong, copy something I shouldn't have which would cause a conflict with the new version or something. So basically, what's the best, cleanest way to move over everything to the new version?

I'm mainly updating because I heard the memcard file structure has changed and it's now possible to see each individual savefile, instead of the .ps2 memcard file. I need to inject a .max savefile using myMC, but it gives me the dreaded "dll is missing" error which I don't know how to fix (other than using ,but that would be stupid). Would the new version let me put this savefile in my memcard by just drag-n-dropping the max file to my memcard? Do I need to convert it in some way?

Thanks in advance.

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