Beta 1474 - quicksave doesn't work
Immediately after an attempt of quicksave, pcsx2 shuts down. I've tried to read the log screen but it disappears too fast (I think there's a "save successful" or a message like that there).

Quickloading just gives a "corrupted slot" return and freezes.

Any ideas? I must use this build because it's the only one that grants 100% speed in FFX-2 on my pc. Quicksave works fine in older builds and in playground, which I use for FFX (works faster then beta 1474 for FFX but way slower for X-2 then beta 1474, I don't understand why but whatever.)

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Try setting both controllers to lilypad(you must use the same version in both controllers).I had the same problem and this sovled it.
interesting, yes, it helps, thank you.

Oh and I was slightly wrong about the speeds: VM playground is still faster in both games, albeit only slightly in FFX-2. Just tested in various places, 1474 gets 600 fps in menu where playground gets 300, but in game, playground gets, say, 180 fps where 1474 gets 160 fps.

Thanks anyway.
It is normal for the different versions to have different speeds.THe use different plugins/code/etc.
I still would prefer 1474(or later) for ffx.In playground i had some problems when i was fighting seymour.Haven't tested with ffx-2 though.

Well,at least you get playble speeds and you can also save.
Happy gaming.

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