Beta Plugins
Hi, i know it specifically says there will be no support for the beta plugins, but i was just wondering how you actually use them? do you simply copy and paste over the exiting ones, change the plugin directory etc. because when ever i do both it comes up with... could not load DEV9 plugin 'directory'(where the plugin is) then says application failed to start because w32Pthreads.v3.dll was not found.
and in the output box it says plugin load faliure on multiple plugins. sorry if im out of line trying to get help on beta plugins. im probably just doing it completly wrong like the noob i am. but please help

Thanks, Matt

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Yes, you overwrite the old plugin dlls.
In the 7z file the new plugins came with you should find w32Pthreads.v3.dll.
Put this one in the main pcsx2 install directory, where the pcsx2.exe also is.
Iirc, I put a small instructions file in the archive that should tell you that as well Tongue2
i couldent find the w32pthreads.v3.dll. when i extracted it i must have only extracted the plugins folder, im so stupid. thanks your your help

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