Beta settings
i apologize if this has already been asked, i looked in the config guide but it has config settings for .96 not the beta.
basically i dont understand the new settings it is totally different from .96 eg . interpreter, compiler, recompiler , chop/zero microVU, SuperVU, i have no idea what these things mean and how to use them, im sure i can get better speeds from my comp but am lost on what to alter/change.
any help would be greatly appreciated Smile

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MicroVU: a newer recompiler for the graphics, used by default now

as far as the speedhacks and such and what to change, the less the program stores that faster it is, but the more likely to get glitches as well, use your best judgement.
Leave every setting at their default value, then start playing with speed hacks.
If that doesn't give you the performance you want, consider upgrading your pc Wink
i see.
well everything i have tried is running full speed, so im quite happy with that!
its just fight night round 3, my favourite game of all time is not running as well as it could, its playable, just wondered if i could squeeze more speed with different settings.
so far i have played: shadow of colossus, ffx, ff12, ico, yu-gi-oh and fight night.
ico freezes at the beginning, well it does not freeze because the frames and music carrys on, the screen does not seem to advance to the next stage, this is right at the start!
sorry to change the subject a bit, just didnt wanna start a new thread Laugh
Search the forum for ico + freeze. Should turn up around 101 threads with the solution Wink

Edit: Forum search sucks.
Turn clamping mode to extra for EE and VU.

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