Better DS3 xinput Profiles dont work for me - please help!
Hi - I'm new here. I'll just try as hard as possible to make this easier for you. As much detail as possible? I'll try.

So I manually installed the DS3 Tool drivers directly into my PS3 controller by following this video (This isn't a promotion or anything, but maybe this can help you help me?) The Video

So, I followed that. It seems to have done something - I hope it worked, but before installing this I used the DS3 Tool app, which I have fully uninstalled, drivers and all (Except the ones I manually installed.) Even when I used the DS3 Tool app alongside the Better DS3 app it didn't work with the xinput drivers. I have reinstalled Better DS3 and am about to try this again. Nope, I couldn't find where to uninstall it thus I deleted it via Recycle Bin. Didn't do anything, kept the profiles from last time, and I cant even seem to find the direct location of the Better DS3 app - I don't think it installed itself correctly.

Anyway, I'm not smart enough to do this myself, so please help me! Again, the XInput profiles make the game not realise I'm pressing buttons on both my controller and keyboard, but when I turn off Better DS3 or switch to a profile that isn't XInput, I can use my keyboard, but obviously, not my controller. This exact setup was what I was using 2-3 days ago, and it worked flawlessly then. Thank you!

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Did you use motionjoy to install the drivers?

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