Beyond Good and Evil
First off, I know that the compatibility list on the main site says "In-game", but I still wanted to see if the game would run since the PC version won't work on my computer. Sadly, on the title screen, I got what looked like black rectangles all over it, and in-game, very few of the graphics were visible except for things on the HUD (the first time where you have control of the character, only her health display is visible, nothing else.

Any advice on settings I can try?

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Sounds exactly like the definition of 'ingame'....meaning these bugs cannot be solved with any settings.
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Well, I wasn't sure exactly what "in-game" meant.

On another note, I tried switching from hardware to software mode, and while it fixed a lot of the graphical issues, the game runs FAR slower, and even with all of the speed hacks on, I haven't got a stable FPS yet (it fluctuates between too slow and too fast).

You could try some SVN build in case it has been fixed recently but we will not provide any links to them since we give no support here for them, alpha stages and all.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Broken in hardware still, very complicated problem..
Dang, that really sucks. I was really hoping to get this to work, since the PC version won't run at all (apparently it has issues with computers with multiple cores).

Thanks anyway, guys.
You could try it on gamecube emulator, or it's very cheap on PC nowadays, like £3
Hey geojenks, I was wondering how you got to this thread.

Did you go back to page 50, or did you just search it or something?
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