Big Issues with the emulator
Hey , i recently downloaded the emulator and i also downloaded Final Fantasy 9 from a torrent site.

Now i set up the emulator like so

and this is what i got

I burnt the ISO file to a disc and inserted it to my dvd drive , i then told the emulator where to locate the file , which in this case is my D , drive .
No joy

I also pointed it to the ISO location and it showed me the start up screen with the browser and configuration , and then the screen just stayed black .

I dont know what i am doing wrong i have tried loads of different combinations and setups

Any help ? What am i doing wrong ?


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EDIT: OP pirated the game. Advice was removed
We don't support piracy here.
Oh and Final Fantasy 9 is a PS1 game not a PS2 game use a PS1 emulator such as PCSX or EPSXE. PCSX2 doesn't not support PS1 games.
Warned and closed fr piracy

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