Big Problem
Simply my emlator crashes when i try to start tekken 5 after the minigame.....i tryed different plugins but no work....

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Wow that's helpful. Let me look at my crystal ball for what PC you have and which PCSX2 / plugins /settings you are is all clear now. NOT.
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yeahh youre right.....sry....
my system AMD64 DUALCORE 4200+ 2GB RAM GEFORCE 7950GX2

and this are my configs

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1. Make sure the FPU Clamp Hack is enabled in the Gamefixes dialog.

2. Make sure you run the game via Run->Execute. It seems to be happier that way.

... and most importantly:

3. Tekken 5 works reliably only with the v1.6 USA Bios. If this is not the bios that came with your PS2 then you're just out of luck. Pcsx2 won't be able to emulate Tekken 5.
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team
ahhh thx....ill try it!!!!

Yeahhh it WORKS!! Cool but i have graphic glitches horizontal lines and some transparent things.....and is my system to weak? because its slow....
Yeah your CPU is weak a bit, Tekken 5 need 3.5 GHz dual core CPU or higher for comfortable play.
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