Big problem with pcsx2
Well, pcsx2 was working very well til yesterday, it will randomly stop working, freeze the computer and bringing that "blue screen" that dumps memory to prevent damage...
I didnt change anything on the config, but it just began to do that... plz help, im worried about my laptop being damaged or not being able to play final fantasy ._.


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check the temps. (coretemp)

just reminder about your laptop be cautious has a risk on damaging the laptop of heavy load program such as extreme gaming and super emulators like pcsx2 can heat up the cpu in seconds...
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Ok... lets see... Its usually at 60°, when I start playing it will jump to 70° and will increase til it gets to 85°
Fix your cooler or you'll have a fried processor soon....
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Assuming this is the same laptop, we've already established that its never going to be able to play Final Fantasy because it is far too slow. But as Bositman said, those temperatures are far too high, and you could end up killing the laptop if you keep trying to run PCSX2 on it.
Yeah! You really need to do something to get it back to normal temperatures or your processor will be roasted. Tongue2
If your CPU is quad-core, 85 Celcius degree is normal. My laptop Phenom II X4 idles at 55 degree, goes up to 70 degree under heavy load, and reaches 90 degree if the GPU is full load because they share the same heat sink. The computer performance is still good and nothing is unusual. I cleaned the heat sink recently and 80 degree is all it can do.

If you CPU is dual-core, that might be high. I had a single core Celeron 560 in the past, and the systems was slow down when it reached 78 degree. Check the heat sink and clean it.
80c is NOT good. It will not fry your processor instantly but it will greatly diminish its' life span. No it is not normal because you have a quad core, I max out at 70c with my i2500k overclocked at 4,3 Ghz.
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80c load is normal for a first gen i7, the tjmax is 90-95c with damage occuring past 110c (stock cooler/clocks)

70c load is normal for a second gen, stock cooler/clocks

overclocked, all bets are off.

a high idle temp is a sign of bad heat paste / heatsink installation.

remove the heatsink, clean off the processor and base and apply a pea size drop. reinstall the heatsink then give it a couple of small twists to spread the goop into the crevices.

theres 0 difference to using a credit card or plastic sandwich bag. other then letting the mating surfaces determine the spread prevents over doing it.
Right, it's so normal the whole thing BSODs Tongue
Quote:with damage occuring past 110c (stock cooler/clocks)
Instant damage. Degrading still happens in such high temps.
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