Big thanks for the playground version and a MGS3 problem
First off, great job with this new playground branch. I just hit up some games and the stability is alot better, along with a bit of speed up here and there.

However, I have a problem.

This problem has persisted since 0.9.4, with my Snake Eater PAL version. The game seems to ghost the previous frames before going to a new frame. It basically looks like it renders the game twice, once in the present time and one two seconds ago. This could be fixed by messing around in the interlace mode, but this time it doesn't work. I read somewhere that's because post processing hadn't been removed yet in gdsx? Anyway, is there any workaround to this? I'd like to continue playing with the game Sad Or is my best bet to import the ntsc version online?

Thanks in advance.

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Its the way it works with Frameskip/ VU skip. Turn it off
Holy wow, awesome! Had no idea it was this simple. Thanks a bunch Laugh

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