Binding sensitivity does not change anything
Hello. I'm pretty new to PCSX2, but I've managed to figure things out reading various information. So far, my only problem has been the sensitivity setting for key binds. No matter what input I create or modify, changing the sensitivity of the button press does nothing. This is a particular issue for MGS2 because it uses button pressure sensitivity. I've read numeous posts that said that without a DS3 controller you can't really use pressure sensitivity. I also read that as an alternative you can bind 2 separate keys to one PS2 button, one of them being at half the sensitivity to simulate a light button press. The problem is that no matter how low I set the sensitivity, it still registers as a full press.

I need help with this one, because although it is not a huge issue in MGS2, it is going to be bigger once I get to MGS3 with pressure sensitive interrogations, and I want to sort this out now. I'm using an XB One controller connected through USB with Xinput and WM Keyboard, if you are wondering. Any help or clarification would be appreciated. Thanks.

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