Binding two keyboard keys to one ps2 function
I've been using the emulator for the day, mainly to play okami, and I'm starting to get annoyed with parts of it. It's really damn hard to use the brush in okami with the wasd movement (the bread and butter of pc gaming).

I currently have the brush board activation bound to the left control key and so I got the little lightbulb "hey, why not make it so that moving your mouse while the left control key is pressed down will activate the movement functions!" except I have no idea how to do that. I've tried google and searching this forum and nothing. If anything people are just asking about the reverse.

How do you bind 2 keys like left cntrl + mouse to a ps control? Is it even possible?

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Over 150 views and not even one person saying "I don't think this is possible" or "read this link"?
Why does it have to be only while the Ctrl key is down?
You can bind multiple controls to a PS2 key and you can use the mouse too.

Are you using the mouse for something else while playing?
My current setup is using wasd to move and the mouse to control the camera. I have left cntrl set to activate the board and brush which is why I want that particular combo of keys to activate the brush movements (which is controlled by the movement keys not the camera).

Anyway I've got the basics down I'm just having trouble binding multiple keyboard keys to one ps2 function, like binding cntrl+lmb to movement. It immediately logs either the lmb or the cntrl key in lilypad.
You can't bind multiple keys to a single control
Something+Something else
Only single keys are allowed\possible
Sad oh well I guess I'll try and find some other way to work the brush.
(08-30-2013, 03:57 PM)vsub Wrote: You can't bind multiple keys to a single control
Something+Something else
Only single keys are allowed\possible

Correction because you are confusing:

You cannot map multiple pad keys to a keyboard key, but you can map multiple keyboard keys to a single pad key.
What I meant was exactly that...key\gamepad button\mouse button+another key\gamepad button\mouse button to execute single PS2 gamepad function

Like this Ctrl+S\Ctrl+Left Mouse Button to execute Start for can't do that

And you CAN(kinda)set single key do execute multiple Pad keys...they are triggered one after another in a really short period of time but not the keys at the same time

z = Circle + Start
will execute one of the keys and then the other after really small delay.

Try on some 2D fighting game to set the keys like that and when you resume the game using some other Start key,you'll see that the circle key is also executed
So I can't bind the left control button or any other button + the mouse for movement. Well that sucks :/ oh well I'll figure something out.

quick question, I noticed that there is a pad2 section, I'm guessing for multiplayer. Is there any way to assign a key to toggle between pad 1 and pad 2 settings? Then I could use pad 2 for the brush section and pad 1 for the regular gameplay Laugh by which I mean disable pad 2 initially and activate it with a button press like left control, z, etc.?
No that will not work. Pad 2 is for 2nd player. Its just like a console on how its setup.
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