Bio's lost in pc?
Okay I configured my bio's folder and put my Bio's in there,but when i refresh it doesn't show up wtf!I mean its Bleach Blade Battler's It usually works for everyone wth!!!Sad please help

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Are you sure it's pointing to the right folder? What format is the bios in, could you copy the file names? Are you sure the BIOS was dumped correctly and it's working?
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It's probably looking at the pcsx2/bios folder located in your "documents" folder, rather than the one with the program.

if you want it to look at the one you made it in, create a file in the pcsx2 directory called "portable.ini"
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Yeah im sure im looking in the right folder i put it in the documents folder at first and it didnt even show up in there.So i tried putting it in the new folder and still not progress,what do you mean dumped?
It means that you have to dump the BIOS from your own PS2 console Wink

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If you don't know what they mean by "dumped" I suggest you read the configuration guide, an make sure that you have actually set things up correctly.
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with the bios problem, where ever the pcsx2 folder is, just create folder called "bios" if you don't have one. Then just paste your bios in the "bios" folder. It's that simple, however if it's not shown up may be it is corrupted or something.
Better start reading the rules, downloading a BIOS is illegal. Warning issued
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(10-19-2011, 11:45 AM)Bositman Wrote: Better start reading the rules, downloading a BIOS is illegal. Warning issued

really!! sorry I didn't know that. I should get now proper legal one from somewhere. Again sorry for posting that and thanks for telling me.

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