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Hello! Laugh
I wasnt here for a long time...since I fixed my ps2 Tongue
I got a question about bios cuz it is ilegal to ask here where to downland soo a question:How to dump a bios from ps2?

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Hello. Reading the FAQ is always useful.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Thank you very much in this very fast and true answer Laugh
It is great to see that you are progresing this much with pcsx2 Laugh
Keep it up and one day ps2 wont even exist cuz nobody will buy it cuz we have PCSX2 Tongue
I read the tread Laugh Great one it describes everyhing Laugh
A question:Is there any way doing this without that lan cable?
Lan is probably the easiest way, but yes there are a few others. (one of which uses a USB cable that I have yet to EVER find)
I myself used the USB stick method, was extremely simple. Put dump bios elf in USB stick, plug it into console, boot it with the exploit of your choice, bios dumped.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I will try that USb stick metod Tongue
What will be the name of bios if I find multiple files?
Dumb question:Is it now posible to make a ps3 emulator?
I know pcsx2 and cxbx are not even similare but they are pretty the same(I guess)cuz sony made ps3 and sttoped to create ps2 games(maybe few games are made) and xbox was replaced by xbox 360(the same here)...I think that you are doing a lot of awesome things and fast progress(almost all ps2 games work...lot of them full speed) like all emulator creators do(I must see that you made it a lot further than other emulators-that is awesome)maybe you could try on next console?
Sorry if this is bad thing to write Tongue
I like to write long posts and explain everything what I meant to say Laugh
i hope you guys didnt take this like treat or something...Smile
ps3 emulation is in no way possible at the present time. and also the 360 did replace the xbox, but it doesn't run everything that the xbox does. same as the ps3

as far as the names ov the files. I know erom rom1 and rom2 will be names, I don't know what the main one will be.
You should end up with 5 files after dumping your BIOS.

For example, if you dump the BIOS from a V3 PAL console, Model SCPH-30003, you will have:


You should always get these 5 files (with the exception of VERY early Japanese consoles which don't have the EROM). They should be named in the format (Model Number)_BIOS_(Console Version)_(Region)_(Bios Version).
Thanks for answers...I just wwanted to know Tongue
Then I should buy me a ps3 or xbox 360 Laugh
Wii is also awesome and I cant decide what should I take?
Thanks for answers...I just wwanted to know Tongue
Then I should buy me a ps3 or xbox 360 Laugh
Wii is also awesome and I cant decide what should I take?
Guys help me out.

I have desktop pc with 2Gb RAM, 500Gb HDD, and Nvidia Geforce graphics card 1gb. I want to enjoy GOD of war1,2 so may I able to play this Mind blowing game or not?, and if not than what is the minimum hardware requirement to play this game ?

please rply soon.

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