My PS2 broke a while back and I'm trying to figure out where to get BIOS to be able to play my PS2 games again. I've installed the emulator, but when I go to select BIOS from the list in configure there is nothing there. I saw the guide to get BIOS from your PS2, but mine's is far away in a grave. Is there another way to get BIOS so that I can play Star Ocean Til the End of Time again? Blush

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of course ^^ buy a new ps2 and I mean it! I'm sure you can get 'em quite cheap on ebay 'n such
Chicken is not Vegan?

what kind of broke? on some part? then u may have hope.
However to download bios from torrent or any file hosting site or anywhere
else is completely illegal.u must have to dump bios from ur own ps2.If ur ps2 broke totally,then we r sorry.u have no way.just buy a ps2.

way to go telling him directions -_-
(08-09-2009, 11:53 PM)ChronicNL Wrote: @xboxflyer

way to go telling him directions -_-

of course not!!!! Just imagine, when u(i m not meaning u;it is in general) see that bios is illegal to download,
u will not download it even some bad sources offer(everybody knows).
I just wanted to tell him that if somebody offer him to pick this bios,
then he will stop.(if he cares laws)
In this day when someone faces some troubles,what he/she does?
google it! go to google.type ur problem.get answer.i wish u,ChronicNL,get
the point.whatever we tell someone about laws here,somebody might do the
above.And then, they may get right path or pirated path.This is why
i told him this. NOTHING MORE! Angry

and to mod: as Dalulz said that his ps2 broke(i think completely,as he has not answered yet),this thread seems to be useless.
Yeah...... my PS2 was trashed. Thanks for all the help I guess >.<
well, you may want to look information on internet, or search other places... sadly here you won't be able to find support because there is legality involved >.< (I kind of suffered the same, luckily I kept my bios when I was trying version .0.9.2 on my oooold machine because I forgot to delete it... )
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