Bios Problem
Okay, I'm using PCSX2 since probably 0.9.6 and never encountered such problem, I changed nothing, I was playing games normally like 2 days ago and now I tried to run PCSX2 and it can't find Bios. I checked if bios folder was selected properly and if anitivirus mistakenly deleted bios files but no, everything is in it's right place, I even moved bios folder but it still can't detect bios files, and yes I tried other revision that was also working correctly not long ago. Please help Sad

Edit: Okay solved, it seems antivirus deleted some specific files so I'll redump it again :sigh:

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If you used r5722 or later, maybe this has something to do with it.
he solved it Tongue that wouldnt interfere with the use of the bios.
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