Bios Problems....What?!
Look I have a PS2 (one of the slim ones) I am not looking to download any bios off the the web. What do I have to do to make this dang thing work? ( short of hacking my ps2) Is there an easy way to do this?
Oh I have read the bios dumping guide, but that seems rather involved.

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this dang thing is referring to pcsx2.
Do you have a problem currently using the Dumper tools?
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i just dont know what to do period. I have never hooked a ps2 up to a computer before.
thats why the guide exist and with different ways to do it
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the guide doesn't make sense. thats why this thread exists......
Maybe mentioning which part you think 'doesn't make sense' would get you some actual useful replies.
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thanks for that. The guide did make sense eventually but I figured it out myself thanks though. your guide just isnt very specific and doesnt go into very much detail. and why do you need to burn the CD cant you just download your Bios straight from your ps2 to the file? anyways its is a good guide if you have time to figure it out or have a lot of experience using your ps2 online.
dumping a bios requires you to tell the system WHAT to dump. PSP, PS2, PS3, Gamecube, GBA.. they all require instruction on what to give you. the CD tells it what to give and you specify where.

(on a psp this would be 4 .bin files that are stored in its flash memory, with the PS2 this is only 1)

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